Net Wrap Pre-Season Special

From Edge to Edge Cover Wrap to CoverEdge Net Wrap or B Wrap the Parts Team at Meade Tractor has you covered! Contact one of our Customer Service Reps at your favorite Meade Tractor to learn more about these great hay savers and our Pre-Season Net Wrap Specials. You will receive the best pricing of the year and delay payment by using your John Deere Multi-Use Account until July 1st, 2019.

Save when you purchase two or more rolls and order by December 31st, 2018! Contact the Meade Tractor Parts Team for complete details!

John Deere CoverEdge™ goes right over the edge of the bale and snaps into place for better protection. With the elimination of shoulders, bales are perfectly shaped for better handling, transport and storage.
John Deere CoverEdge™ covers 15% more surface area of the round bale protects the edges of the bale and prevents rainwater penetration and moisture collection within the bale. It also improves the weather ability of the package. No loose “fluff” to pick up the moisture from rainfall.

With John Deere CoverEdge™ you can produce high-quality silage bales when wrapped with stretch film because the bale surface is smooth, eliminating air pockets in the bale.

With more footage per roll, now you can make 10-15% more bales with each roll of net – for more baler productivity, less downtime. The new net is lighter and easier to handle, and priced right to reduce your cost per bale. It continues to give the same great bale coverage and trouble free baling you have come to know and expect from all John Deere Netwrap.

Our latest innovative product in the Crop Packaging Products market is a real game changer.
The revolutionary John Deere B-Wrap®, a joint development by Tama and John Deere, is made especially for bales stored outdoors in tough weather conditions. It protects your valuable hay crop from rain, snow, and ground moisture. You get barn-quality hay without the barn.

  • Use B-Wrap® to preserve your best second or third crop, the hay you need to carry
    through winter, or the hay you plan to sell.
  • B-Wrap® is also great for preserving straw and other crop residues.
  • B-Wrap® works with John Deere 7 Series, 8 Series, and 9 Series Round Balers that are equipped for netwrap. All you need is a dealer-installed B-Wrap® kit.

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