John Deere Protect™

john deere protect

John Deere Protect™

Service Plans for Construction Equipment

Choose a service plan that's right for you.

John Deere Protect Parts & Fluids Plan

Prefer to conduct your own maintenance? Go with a customer-serviced John Deere Protect Parts & Fluids Plan and get the same benefits while having your own technicians take care of the service and labor.

Protected for the Long Run

Don't let a small problem turn into a work-stopping, budget-breaking crisis. A John Deere Protect Service Plan helps you keep your total machine costs down and removes your maintenance planning burden so you can focus on running your business.

Contact a Meade Tractor Construction location for a quote.

Available on construction equipment. Compact construction and forestry equipment are excluded.

John Deere Protect



Machine Monitoring
Remote Diagnostics
Preventative maintenance labor

By Customer Technician

Machine inspection By Customer Technician
Fluid sampling and analysis
500-hour preventative interval parts & fluids
Genuine John Deere prevention maintenance parts

john deere protect