Are you and your equipment ready for cold weather?

posted on Wednesday, November 6, 2019 in Dealer News

Winter Maintenance Tips


Check the battery terminals and make sure they’re clean and tight.

If the battery is not maintenance-free, check the water level.

If possible, check the specific gravity reading.


If possible, drain all water from the fuel tank.

Change fuel filters if needed.

Drain water from filters daily.

Make sure there are no fuel leaks that could allow air to get into the system.

 Engine Heaters

Make sure the block heaters are working and that cords are not damaged.

Ensure extension cords are working, and that electrical outlets are on and functioning correctly.

Additional Recommendations

In the event of cold weather, we recommend getting your machine to a shop or at least somewhere under cover where it can be plugged in. If it absolutely must stay in the field, then hooking it up to a generator or leaving the engine to run overnight would be useful to prevent the cold from setting in. This may add some fuel costs, but a service call for a stalled or frozen machine can be much more costly.

If you're looking for a fuel additive to preserve your fuel's longevity, John Deere offers several fuel additives which will keep your fuel usable. We recommend using filters from the manufacturer of your machine.

Double-check that the coolant and other fluids aren’t too low; in cold oil, they may cause low-level alarm systems to sound. The same may be true of machines with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, so make sure that the tires are up to spec so that you won’t be bothered by unnecessary alarms.

In cold weather dirt and other particulates can freeze, causing fluid lines to break, so machines with auto lube systems will also need their lines cleared of debris.


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