New 1010E Forwarder

1010E Forwarder

The new 1010E forwarder offers the perfect solution for UK & Irish thinnings operations through proven components integrated into a new size class of forwarder.

The 1010E is powered by a 4.5 litre Deere engine, offering high torque at low RPM´s, whilst the CF5 boom allows powerful, quick and smooth loader operation even in the densest thinning plantations. Unrivalled visibility and comfort is guaranteed with the new levelling and rotating operators cabin ensuring faster load cycles and reduced operator fatigue even in the toughest conditions.

Key Features
  • High torque at low RPM's
  • Productive in later thinnings
  • Levelling and rotating cab
  • PowerTech plus engine
Load rating 11000 kg
Boom reach 7,2/8,5/10
Engine power 155 hp
Tractive effort 140 kN