New RR23 Series Rotary Rakes

Frontier Implements
Key Features
  • Cam-action tine arms
  • Rugged 13-arm rotor with adjustable cam
  • Adjustable swath curtain
  • Rake adjustments are easy

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Rake adjustments are easy
Hydraulics allow adjustments from tractor seatHydraulics allow adjustments from tractor seat
Adjust pitch of rake tines with hand crankAdjust pitch of rake tines with hand crank

Hydraulically raise and lower the RR23 Series Rotary Rake without leaving the tractor seat.


Easily adjust the pitch of the rake tines with the hand crank. 

Rugged 13-arm rotor with adjustable cam
Adjustments are easyAdjustments are easy

The RR23 Series Rotary Rakes have rugged 13-arm rotors featuring an adjustable cam.


This allows the operator to change the aggressiveness of the tines to the crop conditions – more aggressive for wet crops and less aggressive for delicate crops like alfalfa.

Tandem flotation tires, dual gauge wheels, and tandem walking beam axle
Flotation tires provide top-quality performanceFlotation tires provide top-quality performance
Dual gauge wheels standard on RR2324Dual gauge wheels standard on RR2324

Four large tandem flotation tires on the RR2313 Rotary Rake and eight large tandem flotation tires on the RR2324 Rotary Rake provide maximum durability when operating over rough terrain.


Tandem walking beam axles on both RR23 Series Rotary Rakes provide a smooth ride over rough terrain and follow ground contours, allowing for proper crop pickup.


Additional flotation tires (two per rotor) are available on the RR2324 for even greater ground contour following.


Dual gauge wheels located on the front of the rear basket of the RR2324 are standard. The dual gauge wheels maintain a constant height of the tines, helping follow ground contours on rolling terrain.

Hydraulically adjustable swath curtain for rear rotor
Quickly and easily adjust rear swath curtainQuickly and easily adjust rear swath curtain

The hydraulically adjustable swath curtain is standard on the rear rotor of the RR2324 Rotary Rake.


It easily adjusts for proper windrow formation in varying crop conditions.

Cam-action tine arms
Cam-action tine arms for efficient drying timeCam-action tine arms for efficient drying time

The cam-action tine arms on the RR23 Series Rotary Rakes gently deposit the material in the windrow, saving valuable leaves.


Furthermore, the cam action forms a higher, fluffier, faster-drying windrow that saves drying time.


The tine arms are removable to allow for narrow transport widths and more compact storage.

Adjustable swath curtain
Swath curtain controls windrow formationSwath curtain controls windrow formation
Adjustable to accommodate raking needsAdjustable to accommodate raking needs

The Frontier™ RR23 Series Rotary Rake swath curtain controls the windrow formation in varying crops. It can be adjusted in or out to accommodate individual harvesting needs.


When combining multiple windrows with the RR2324, the curtain can either be removed or turned upside down to prevent interfering with the hay.

Two rotors rake one large or two smaller windrows in a single pass
Single windrowSingle windrow
Dual windrowDual windrow

The RR2324 Rotary Rake is more versatile because it has two rotors, allowing it to rake one large windrow or two smaller windrows in a single pass.


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John DeereRR23 Series Rotary Rakes
Add Model
Add Model
Working width 4.57 m
15 ft
Overall working width 4.93 m
16.17 ft
Transport width 2.49 m
8.17 ft
Overall transport length 5.59 m
18.33 ft
Raking width 3.96 m
13 ft
Implement 953 kg
2,100 lb
Tractor compatibility
PTO hp requirements 29.8 kW
40 hp
PTO requirement rpm 540 rpm
Hydraulic pressure requirement 9,653 bar
1,400 psi
Number of SCVs One
Type Drawbar
Type Tandem walking beams
Type Flotation
Quantity Four
Size, diameter 46.99 cm
18.5 in.
Tine arms
Quantity 13
Quantity of double tines per arm Four
Size 5.1 cm
2 in.
Removable Yes
Swath screen
Type HD Vinyl curtain
Safety and markings
Transport safety lights
Safety tow chains Standard
Shipping information
Quantity Single
Set-up time
Labor hours 1
Time period 1 year for ag and residential use
90 days for commercial use